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Terrier Breeds

A - B

Airedale, American Staffordshire, Australian, 

Bedlington, Border, Bull Terrier, Miniature Bull Terrier, 

Airedale Terrier standing stacked outdoors facing right

I - N

Irish, Kerry Blue, Lakeland, Standard Manchester, 

Miniature Schnauzer, Norfolk, Norwich

Irish Terrier sitting, facing forward

C - G

Cairn, Cesky, Dandie Dinmont, Smooth Fox, Wire Fox, Glen of Imaal, 

Cesky Terrier on White background

R - W

Rat Terrier, Scottish, 

Sealyham, Skye, Soft-Coated Wheaton, Welsh, West Highland White

A Glenfraser Scottish Terrier sitting outside

Explore and learn more about the sanctioned Canadian Kennel Club Terrier breeds. Where possible, contact information to known, reputable breeders has been included at the end of each breed description. Note, not all breeds have breeders within the province of British Columbia.  

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